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Client Testimonies – “INVALUABLE”

I LOVE this new profit calculation software (Price Checker 2). I scanned 21k items from my wholesale supplier list and uncovered my hidden winners! Saved TONS of time. Is invaluable for my Amazon business. I appreciate you releasing this fantastic tool!!”
Eric O’Bannon – Amazon Wholesale Merchant

The Daily Source Product Lists came at the perfect time as I scaled my Amazon FBA business to serious income. Having every piece of information about the products, all laid out in an easy to read format, is an absolutely invaluable money maker.” 
Ryan Flynn – Amazon Retail Arbitrageur

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Why Has Price Checker 2 Become The No.1 Choice?

Because It Makes You And Your Suppliers Win.

Price Checker 2 is a robust, powerful and accurate profit calculation software. It analyzes your suppliers product lists across the Amazon marketplaces and returns profitability data so you can pick winners again and again.

Built with your Wholesaler relationship in mind, the speed at which it reveals new selling opportunities at maximum prices is proving a huge asset for both sides. 

With 400+ users of PC1 since Feb ’15, Price Checker 2 now analyzes across, and and is opening up huge cross-border opportunities in Toys, Baby and Grocery. Italy, Spain, France and Germany will be available in April 2016. Have you considered the opportunities here?

So whether hunting down a new one-off replenishable from a 1000 item list, or regularly monitoring lists of half a million plus items, Price Checker 2 has become the leading solution for you and your suppliers.

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Because It Leads In Functionality.

Unlimited Usage License – No monthly ceiling on use.
100% Accuracy –
Using Amazon API data.
Shipping Cost Input Reflects within profit data.
Automatic Product Code Recognition – UPC, ASIN, EAN, ISBNs.
Intelligent UPC CorrectionChecks digits and leading 0s.
Multi-Market Analysis –
Full Foreign Currency Integration USD/CAD$/GBP/EUR.
Amazon Product Reviews.
Returns if Amazon is a Seller
Import from Excel or .CSV – Output as Excel.
Speed. 17,000+ items per hour
Multipack Intelligence –  Adjusts ROI and NP accordingly.
Dimensional Weight data.
Number of Sellers ‘In BuyBox Contention’
Clickable URLs. CamelCC, Keepa, Alibaba Wholesale, Google

What’s Made Our Daily Source Product Lists  So Reliable?

The Exclusivity. The Products. The Profits.

Firstly, our lists are the most exclusive in the market – with space for only 25 and 60 subscribers. This, along with the weight of data we collate about each item and our average listed profit of 96% net ROI per product, is why they continue to prove “Invaluable” to clients month after month. 

We alert our clients to the best ‘Retail Arbitrage’ product opportunities each day. The Search Team and Software simultaneously monitor products on Amazon and in retail stores and include them on the list when the Profit and Sales Velocity are high enough.

The Free daily list is a great resource, but access to the 20, 25 and 60 lists is by paid monthly subscription.

Position the Daily Source Lists at the core of your Amazon business, as a short-term profit booster, or alongside your other Amazon seller strategies.

We’ll be delighted to see you become another successful customer.

The Lists And How They Work.  

There are 3 lists – The 25 and 60 (reflecting maximum subscribers)
Delivered by 8am EST everyday. Get ahead of the crowd.
You receive 10 different items per list per day, Monday – Friday
Each item must meet ALL these prerequisites:
Have high net ROI of 50% or better after Amazon fees.
Have top Best Seller Ranking in its category 3% or better
Have minimum net profit of $5.00 
Amazon is not a seller within last 3 months
25 & 60 Lists be Unrestricted Categories only
Have more than one other seller
Must have 3* customer review or better
The item data includes Rank Range over 3 months
Earn Cash-Back 
when buying with Ebates or MrRebates
Make smart-buying decisions FAST

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