Pre-Qualified Brand Contact List

Finding You The Best Brands To Contact Each Day

Exclusive, Pre-Qualified Brand Leads, Based on Reviews, ASIN Score, Profits and Number of Sellers 

“Within minutes, I can be chatting with the brand owner about how to protect their
product, increase volumes and enhance Customer Satisfaction.

As an experienced Amazon seller, this list finds me
brand-exclusive products to sell. It is a priceless resource.”

Daily Contact List of Brands

What It Does For You

1. Puts you in touch with Brands who MOST LIKELY NEED YOUR HELP
(Number of sellers, reviews and estimated profits help determine those more likely to need help)

2. Eliminates time-wasting, thru chasing the wrong type of Brand partner. Our metrics rule these out.

3. Uncovers your best opportunities to secure semi or exclusive agreements

4. Processes millions of pieces of data each day – resulting in highly focussed leads

5. Uses our custom filters (‘Number of Sellers’, ‘Estimated Profit’, ‘Review Score’, ‘Amazon selling the item’ and ‘ASIN Score’) to remove the improbable leads. 

6. Puts you ahead of the competition by getting you in front of the right companies by noon EST each day.

How The Brand Contact List Makes You Money

Removes need for in-house VAs

Maximises the time you spend in front of decision-makers

Provides a continual supply of new contact leads

Increases your chances of securing new products to sell