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2 Lists Containing The Most Profitable Retail To Amazon Flips Every Day

The 25 List and The 60 List

I Love These Lists – I now get 90% of my inventory from the DSL.
My sales of $8k a month has become around $15,000!!
Caroline Gay – Amazon FBA Seller 

“An average of 96% ROI per listed-item over 12 months is staggeringly high”
(Since October 2014)
These Are Retail Arbitrage Finds That Stand Out

Hey James GREAT list today. Thank you so much. Have a great day.” A Delgado

What The 60 and 25 Lists Do For You

  1. They consistently deliver high profit, fast turnover, high cash-profits buying opportunities.  The 5000 items on our lists since Aug 2014 average at 1.6% Amazon Rank, 96% net ROI and $9 net profit – ie Spend $100, Get $196 back.
  2. They help protect your selling price because these have the smallest subscriber circulation in the market (60 and 25 people only). Many clients join from bigger lists and upgrade to using both lists as their smart buying makes profit. The premium Stride 25 is for 25 people and the more affordable Steady 60 list just for 60.
  3. They make you time efficient by bring all the critical data into one place, with URL links to CamelCC, Stores, Cashback sites and Coupon codes.
  4. They put you in front of the competition by getting you buying by 8am EST each day.

“All products hold the value and rank etc. …These Rock!” Rene Dunn

“5 minutes with these can make you 150% profit. 
You’ll know what’s selling fastest, what price to list at and be linked direct to the online store. 
These are catalytic to business growth.”

How You Use Them To Make Money

The List Summary:

  • Two Lists: 60 and 25

  • Both Highly Exclusive

  • 10 Items Each Day

  • Fast Selling – 1.6% Average Amazon Rank

  • High Profit – 96% Average this year

  • Big Margins
  • Unrestricted Cats On 60 & 25

  • Min 50% net ROI on 60 & 25

  • Max 3% Rank on 60 & 25

  • Best CashBack Sites Linked
  • Coupons and Shipping Deals
  • Rank Range Data
  • Estimated Item Sales
  • CamelCamelCamel Links
  • Many Long-Term Clients
  • Lots Of Booster-Clients
  • No In-store Deals

DSL Steady 60 List


$99 per month

Limited to 60 clients
Delivered 5 days per week
10 Items per day

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DSL Stride 25 List


$198 per month

Limited to 25 clients
Delivered 5 days per week
10 Items per day

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(* or redirect to waiting list)

DSL 25 & 60 Lists


$287 per month

Complete sourcing solution
Delivered 5 days per week
20 Items per day

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