About Daily Source Tools:

In 2013, Cave Capital Inc. was launched by James & Fiona Rugg as an Amazon reselling company out of CA, USA. By Summer 2014 it had grown to be a team of 10 – whose focus was finding the best products to sell on Amazon each day for subscribers to the Daily Source List service.

Our first software product Price Checker – the profit calculation software for wholesale lists – was released in January 2015 and we changed our name to the Daily Source Tools. Price Checker 2.0 was unveiled in November 2015. 

For over 18 months we have served, supported and learned from hundreds of Amazon sellers, and our commitment to seeing your businesses thrive underpins all we do. Our software and lists are exclusive, accurate and smart enough to help you consistently find the high profit, fast turnover items you need to succeed with.


Get in Touch:

If you want to enter a new international marketplace, sell in a gated category, or begin sourcing inventory from new suppliers, please reach out to us. Relationship and customer service are paramount and we will make it a priority to provide you with a tailored solution.

James Rugg – Founder of Daily Source Tools

Perhaps you have questions about how we can help you take your Amazon business to the next level? Or maybe you are just starting out and want some advice? Whatever your stage of growth, we’re confident we can equip you reach the next level. We’d love to hear from you any time – please email me at


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