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 Price Checker 2 version for Apple Mac OS X 

 Price Checker 2 version for Windows PC x64 bit

Watch: How to Setup Guide



Written Instructions

1. Log into Seller Central.
2. Log into PC2.
3. Go to ‘Marketplace Setup’ in the Settings Menu of PC2. Click the ‘Enter/Edit‘ link for your primary marketplace ie. (See Screenshot)
4. Select the second option ‘I have an Authorisation Token – create one here‘ and click the blue ‘here’ link. (See screenshot)
5. Click ‘Next’ in the pre-filled page inside seller central. NB you can manually add ‘Price Checker 2’ as the Developer’s Name and ‘636331933260’ as the Developer ID if not automatically pre-filled for you. (See Screenshot)
6. Check the box to agree to the T&Cs, and click ‘Next’. (See Screenshot)
7. This is your Account Identifiers page in Seller Central. (See Screenshot)
8. Copy your ‘Seller ID’ and ‘MWS Auth Token’ from Account Identifiers page and paste into PC2. Then click ‘Apply’. (See Screenshot)
You have completed registration and are now ready to use Price Checker 2.