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We’ve made major improvements and investments, so it’s now $82 rather than $69. Just click  below to renew via PayPal and find your winners. Easy!

Unlimited License $82 $89

Monthly Subscription
Analyze Unlimited Items against all supported marketplaces

Monthly Subscription
Unlimited Files
Unlimited File size
Superfast: up to 18K / hour
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All packages include

Top Precision

We don’t just get data, we get accurate data. User tests suggest 99%+ accuracy on Amazon fee calculations.

Top Speed

Each marketplace can now process nearly 18,000 records every hour thanks to full multi threading.

Top Support

We’re here to help. We really mean that.

UPC Correction

Automagically fixes those pesky UPCs, EANs and ISBNs without check digits and missing leading 0s.

Flexible Files

Works with CSV, XLS or XLSX files. Detects your columns automatically where possible – easy!


Caters for multi-packaging and your estimated shipping cost.

Smart Filtering

Prefilter your results as they come in. It makes it that much quicker to find real winners.

Desktop Power

It’s on your desktop. Load instantly, no server downtimes.

Currency Conversion

Show profits in the currency of your choice, using today’s market rate.