Automatic Currency Conversion

When you run Price Checker against the UK marketplace, prices and fees returned via are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). To save you the trouble of converting these figures manually, we’ve built in Automatic Currency Conversion.

Price Checker 2 looks up a current market rate each time it is launched. Rates are updated once a day at around 3pm US Central Time. You will have noticed this already: The current rate and date of retrieval is displayed at the top of the UK Results tab.

Things to note:

  • You enter your estimated Shipping cost per lb. in $ USD
  • Internally, Price Checker will forward convert your item cost and the shipping into GBP.
  • Internally, it uses GBP figures returned from in all fee, profit, and ROI calculations.
  • The results are then converted back into USD
  • ALL the currency related amounts that are output are in USD.

This way you can compare like for like and see how currency exchange factors into your costs.

Disclaimer: Exchange Rates do of course change over time, so naturally your actual payouts will vary accordingly.