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 PC2 is the fastest and most accurate way to analyze ASIN, Product Lists, Seller Storefronts or entire Brands from Amazon itself.

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“BEAUTIFUL! Have I told you how much I love PC?
It found winners on my 21k list in an instant and is invaluable for my Amazon business
 I appreciate you releasing this fantastic tool!!”

Eric O’Bannon – 
Amazon Seller


Price Checker 2  is an Amazon profit FBA calculator software. You upload any list of wholesale products from your supplier (no limit on file size), search against the Amazon database and it identifies the fast turnover, high profit items to sell on Amazon. 

Build new supplier relationships – Use PC2 to win the trust of wholesalers quickly. They’ll be amazed at your stock-picking success. Established supplier relationships will flourish and new ones will grow.

Shift greater volumes – PC2 has robust, reliable and accurate processing at up to 18,000 items per hour, so users will be shifting stock at maximum prices almost immediately.

We love it, you’ll love it, your suppliers will love it!

With Price Checker 2 we have committed to building your business so that everybody wins.

Price Checker 2 – Leading Functionality

Accuracy. Only uses Amazon APIs, giving 100% accurate data.
Grunt. 6 litre engine eases thru any size of product list.
Integrates your Shipping cost. Reflected in profit data.
Product Code Recognition. Reads UPC, ASIN, EAN, ISBNs.
Intelligent UPC Correction. Inserts missing 0’s.
Filter Results Live. Set Rank Range, % ROI, Less than, etc.
Multi-Market Analysis. Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Europe
Live Foreign Currency Solution. USD, GBP and EURO
Amazon Product Reviews.
Returns if Amazon is a Seller
Live Export into Excel. Upload Excel or .csv. Output as Excel file.
Speed. 17,000+ items per hour (vs 1k in PC1)
Multipack Correction. % ROI and $ Net Profit adjustments
Dimensional Weight data.
Number of Sellers ‘In BuyBox Contention’
Clickable URLs. CamelCC, Keepa, Alibaba Wholesale, Google


Multipack Detection

PC2 detects multipacks and displays Pack Quantity, making adjustments to the $ net profit and % ROI calculations so you don’t have to. No more frustrating disappointments!

Intelligent UPC Correction

Auto-detects the input file product codes (ISBN, UPC, EAN, ASIN) and auto-corrects format errors. PC2 also self-detects input cost column.

Filter Results Live 

Create powerful custom filters and data fields live while the Amazon info is being collated. Is Amazon a Seller, Set Rank Level, Customer Review, Weight, Profit Levels etc., then Export to Excel.

Discover Big Profits Across Amazon Europe

Exploit the fabulous price disparity on Amazon UK and Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Italy). PC2 accounts for Amazon fees, inbound shipping and all currency conversions across USD, CAD, GBP and EURO

No# of Buy Box Contenders 

See the number of sellers in real contention for the Buy Box, not just those who are eligible but miles off. This will significantly boost your opportunities as you realize the serious competition is far less than once thought.

Power, Speed, Dependability

Dang… The kid grew up! What was endearing, raw and super useful with PC1, just got big, strong and fast with PC2. Run 50K or even 500K items no prob. at nearly 18K an hour. Across two markets? No Problemo. And cheaper too. Enjoy!!