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Apologies for the disappointment, but there was such demand for the Restricted Category List that it became a premium product. As of 12/18/2015 there is no free list on offer, however it is expected to be re-established in the early weeks of 2016.

Next, we’re continuing to offer a free demo of Price Checker 2.0 for a few more days.
It’s an Amazon Profit Calculation Software for Wholesale Lists Click for Free Demo Link to Price Checker 2.0
And finally, we’ve only have a few places left open on my paid daily lists…
Find out more here: High Profit Daily Product Lists
Here’s To Your Success! 
James Rugg

(Founder at DailySourceTools.com and Creator of Price Checker 2.0)
P.S. I value your trust so PLEASE let me know if these options are not to your satisfaction email me.