Amazon Hits Half a Billion Items For Sale Later This Week – Here are the Numbers For FBA Sellers. 27th January 2016.

Green means super category growth, Amber is solid positive growth and Red is category shrinkage. See which of the major cats have done what in the last 6 months and what the new numbers are for rank % in each category at 0.1% ranked, 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5% and 10%.

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These are the latest 6 month figures on Amazon – showing the total number of items for sale, total number in each category, the % growth of the size of each category over the period to January 2016 and the speed at which the growth in each category changed up or down from the previous 6 month figure.

Staggeringly, at 491 million items for sale on Amazon, given the growth of 5% per month since Summer 2015, Amazon will have over half-a-billion items for sale by February 1st! HALF-A-BILLION!!!!

Shockingly however, as FBA Sellers know, the majority of that half billion might as well be JUNK floating in space because they’ll never sell more than a couple of items. Ever. The Ranking system says so…

But today’s numbers do help, because they show the macro needed to underpin our investments in new sources of profitable inventory. And there’s some SEASONALITY to trade on – Lawn, Patio & Garden are at their historic lows and a great time to contact the suppliers. Look at the decline in numbers for sale and the slowdown in category growth-rate.

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The biggest gainers may surprise you – Kitchen and Dining, Appliances and Baby – 188%, 186% and 182% category growth in 6 months respectively – although is this where we’re seeing the majority of Private Label entries (Kitchen), the higher margin wholesale items (Appliances) and the best bundle options (Baby)?

Losers – what has happened to Wine. Down over 50% in the number of items listed. Office Products – is this reflecting the move to the Cloud for many services?

New-Comers? Luxury Beauty & Handmade. (Please note, Apps, Kindle, CD & Luggage were not previously tracked).

For those wanting to find new Private Label items to replicate, or replenishable Wholesale items that will sit in the top 1% of category, or Retail Arbitrageurs wanting the same, today’s figures provide many clues. The speed of growth, the shrinkage. It all means something for those willing to take the time.

And don’t forget you can see the latest rank % thresholds in each category here too.

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