Winning the Amazon Buy Box – Tips and Tricks for FBA Newbie Sellers

Winning the Amazon BuyBox means Winning at FBA. Period.
Here’s How…

Beginners and pros need the Amazon BuyBox, and this Vid Blog will show you how with these tips & tricks.

Great LIVE Example with Pillow Pets Penguin 18″

You can see that it was given it to Action Pro, who is FBA, priced at $16.75.

It’s available Prime – and you can add it to your cart here.

Below that below and to the right, you can see ‘Other Sellers on Amazon‘.
Amazon sticks 3 Other Sellers – and if you are not in the Buy Box, this is a great place to be.
And you’ll notice this guy Golden Boy, at $16.92.

Below This – The Other Sellers – and we can see that they are a new items available from $11.88.
When we go and see who else is selling you can see there are only 2 sellers who
are FBA pro sellers – Action Pro, who has the Buy Box, and Golden Boy. Golden Boy is about 1% above
where Action Pro is, and in the ‘Other 
Sellers Box’ on the Buy Box page on the right hand side.

Why Has Action Pro Won the Buy Box?

So why has Action Pro been given it? Well, they’ve been given it because they are
1) the 
Lowest Priced Amazon FBA seller PLUS
2) they have GREAT SELLER METRICSIf you go into Action Pro account, you’ll see that they are 99% positive rating.

The Basics of Building a High Seller Rating on Amazon
Essentially, every order fulfilled without a problem gives you a hundred points on Amazon.
If there’s problem, you get these points deducted. 
If you, as an Amazon seller have a Seller Rating of 98% to 100%, which
is the highest level that AZ can possibly give you, 
they are gonna give you the Buy Box more often that somebody with a
lower Seller Rating.
If we have a look at the other professional on this penguin item, we can see that it is Golden Boy,
who also has a 99% positive rating.

What does this listing tell us thus far?
What does that tell me about this listing?
It tells me that with there being only the two FBA seller on it that will be sharing this Buy Box.
Probably, between them, they are gonna get 8 out of every 10 sales.

Why price above another seller?
You can see that Golden Boy could actually be more competitive on price – that he could get down
to $16.75. He could go down below $16.75, but he hasn’t! He stayed in $16.92. Because y
our ‘Landed Price’ (which is
your listing price plus shipping – you can see the 
combination there will be the Landed Price for this Merchant Fulfilled Seller –
bviously, for FBA sellers, it is just your selling price IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT for winning the Buy Box.

How to Win the Buy Box as a New Seller
But, if you’re just gonna go and sell your item based on price alone, what you’re gonna have to do – certainly as a seller starting
out – you are going to have to price yourself underneath this FBA Seller quite significantly, in order for Amazon to give you that Buy Box.

Because Seller Metrics are SO important.
1) You got to have the FBA Pro Account,
2) You got be ‘Buy Box Eligible’ – which you won’t be for a little while if this is your first item. Maybe in between 2 to 6 months – you’ll get that eligibility with good credentials
3) The item has got to be NEW and
4) it’s got to be AVAILABLE.

Why Not Undercut Lowest Selling Price
What’s going on here with Golden Boys is a great example of how we, as sellers, understand the
Buy Box and how we maintain prices.
If you cut the price and list underneath, you
1) cut your profit margin down significantly and
2) you cause the price war. Re-pricers kick-off, the price come’s down and everyone’s margin is lost.

Two Encouragements At List-Time
So as you launch, have patience. It is the hardest thing – you want to get that sell (of course :)), but if you can
afford not to compete too aggressively on price.  

If you were listing this item, you would want to list around $16.75 yourself, maybe $16.80 – Something like that
and just watch over time. Give yourself a week, give yourself time to see if Amazon gives you sales, rather than
going in at $16 or $16.50 or something like that and aggressively trying to win the sale. 
Expectations are everything when you begin.

Help Amazon Help You!
Finally, it is super important that you give Amazon time to let them see that you’re a credible seller and that you’re worthy
of winning Amazon’s Buy Box. If you can give them reason to give you the 98%-100% Seller Rating, then they will trust you with
their precious customers.
Remember – you are not Amazon’s customer – and customer service is their bread and butter.
Help them to give you sales – which they will – increasingly so, sharing them out with other professionals sellers over the
weeks and months to come.

In no time, you will be taking 30% of the actions with the likes of Action Pro and Golden Boy here!

As you begin, Good Luck! Blessings!

Let us know how you get on and you can check out more of my stuff at Daily Source