The Risk To Amazon FBAers Of The Birthday Sale And How To Maximize it

It’s been only 3 weeks since Amazon announced their Birthday Sale tomorrow, right? They must have planned this stealth attack all year and had everything strategized to the 9th degree. We can’t say this about ‘Big Box Retail’, whose reactionary sales smell like major panic.

These will be unprecedented sales coming from the likes of Walmart in a normally very quiet month.

1) It could provide serious buying opportunities for us Amazon resellers.

2) Where is the stock coming from? The risk is that retail will have been forced to front-run stock into this sale that was previously earmarked/planned to appear in ‘Back To School’ and ‘Black Friday’ sales?

3) Maybe less stock will be available when we would normally expect it to come on-line, causing inventory shortage and extra high prices?

I might be wrong, but when we look back at 2015 these next 3 to 4 weeks could be a defining period for FBAers this year. BOLO for everything and, although 4Q is some way off, taking a punt on having to pay Long-Term Storage Fees in Jan/Feb if stock hasn’t sold might well be worth the risk.

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