Amazon’s Global Private Label Brand List

I’m not saying Amazon is using PL brands to disguise themselves on purpose, but it’s likely costing you money if you don’t know who they are.

Sales from them will reach US$ 7.5bn this year alone, and US$25bn by 2022.

As sellers, we reach out to brand owners in an attempt to secure new relationships, and our VAs would be well equipped with these names to avoid dead-end leads.

There are nearly 400 operating globally thus far – and our analysis has found 388 of them.

At Daily Source Tools, we’ll be bringing some on these Brands in the coming days, but for now you can get the entire list in excel for $89 today – that’s the 388 Brands Names that amazon sells it’s PL items under.

Keyword analysis on their listings should prove profitable too.


This way, you can begin deeper dives into what ASINs are included in these brands, and how they might be effecting your sales, and those of your partners.

Best, James